BCC Fast Film Glow Dissolve



The BCC Fast Film Glow Dissolve filter is a 100% GPU accelerated version of the original BCC Film Glow Dissolve which uses OpenCL to delivers the same features and look as the original BCC Film Glow Dissolve but with dramatically increased performance.  Fast Film Glow Dissolve creates a glow animation that automatically animates as your transition progresses to obscure the underlying dissolve between clips.


Parameter Controls

Presets and Common Controls

BCC filters come with a library of factory installed presets plus the ability to create your own custom presets and preview them with the BCC FX Browser™.

BCC filters also include common controls that configure global effect preferences and other host-specific effect settings.

For more information about working with presets and other common controls, Click Here.


Layer to Reveal – This layer selection popup is not relevant when you have applied the filter as a true NLE-style transition and it will be hidden or disabled in that context.  When applied as a normal “effect” as opposed to a transition, however, this menu is used to select the “Incoming” or “Reveal” layer for the transition.

Glow Intensity: Used to control the intensity of the glow result. Higher values yield a stronger glow with a total white image when this parameter is set to it’s highest value.

Glow Color: Used to set the color of the glow. Default is white.

Glow Radius: Used to set the radius over which the glow spreads to surrounding regions.

X Radius: Independent control for the width radius of the glow.

Y Radius: Independent control for the height radius of the glow.

Glow Desaturation:  This function alters the glow result by adjusting the chroma values that are used for the input. At 0 the function has no effect on the result generating a traditional film glow, increasing the value in this parameter yields a result that looks colder and less saturated.

Glow Threshold: Used to set the pixel values that are affected by the glow – a setting of 0 will apply a glow to all of the pixels in the input clip, while a setting of 100 will not apply any glow to the image.

Threshold Mid Offset: Use to automatically modify the threshold setting towards the middle of the transition without having to set any keyframes.  At beginning/end of the transition the Mid Offset has no effect but as the transition nears it’s mid point the effect of the Mid Offset increases until at the midpoint the full Mid Offset amount is added to the Glow Threshold setting.


RGB Independent Group

RGB Independent Glows This checkbox enables independent scaling of the glow dimensions for R, G, and B.

Red Scale: Scales red glow uniformly.

Red Scale X: Scales red glow along horizontal axis.

Red Scale Y: Scales red glow along horizontal axis.

Green Scale: Scales green glow uniformly.

Green Scale X: Scales green glow along horizontal axis.

Green Scale Y: Scales green glow along horizontal axis.

Blue Scale: Scales blue glow uniformly.

Blue Scale X: Scales blue glow along horizontal axis.

Blue Scale Y: Scales blue glow along horizontal axis.


Extras Group

Threshold Color: Controls the color threshold of the glow dissolve.


Animation Tuning Group

These parameters control the overall timing of the transition.  On hosts which permit on-screen heads up display widgets (such as AE, Premiere, and Avid) you should never need to modify these sliders directly since they can be configured in a more convenient and intuitive manner by manipulating the widgets directly in your comp/preview pane.  On hosts without heads up display widgets you can use these sliders directly to fine tune your animation timing, taking advantage of the View Ease Curve option to help visualize the animation rates.

Glow Ease In:  Control how quickly or slowly the glow amount increases at the beginning of the transition.

Glow Ease Mid:  Control the rate of change of the glow amount (how quickly it reaches its peak amount and how long it holds there) during the middle of the transition.

Glow Ease Out:  Control how quickly or slowly the glow amount decreases at the end of the transition.

Dissolve Duration:  Control the timing of the underlying dissolve relative to the timing of the rest of the transition.

View Ease Curve:  (Only visible/enabled in hosts that don’t support heads up display widgets for manipulating these controls directly on screen.)  Enable this control to display a preview graph of the the animation curves rendered into in the composite window.


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