BCC Compare Mode

Many BCC filters include the BCC Compare Mode to allow easy comparison between the original and the affected image.  In its simplest form the Compare Mode offers a basic split screen view the original on one side and the modified image on the other side.  Several controls allow fine tuning the details of just how the compare mode operates.  Note that certain effects offer customized controls in the compare mode that are more uniquely suited to the nature of that individual effect.

Compare Mode:  Controls whether the compare mode is enabled and if so what it displays.

  • Off: Disables the Compare Mode Displays just the standard effect output.
  • Side By Side:  The left side of the screen shows half of the original unaffected input image while the right side shows the same half of the original image but with the effect applied.  When in Side-by-Side mode, the corresponding Slide/Wipe and Right Offset sliders become available.  The Slide control allows shifting both the left and right images to preview a result on a different part of the image.  The Right Offset allows shifting the right side by a different amount from the left side.
  • Compare: The full image will be shown with the left displaying the unaffected original and the right half displaying the rendered effect.  The point where the split occurs is marked by a dividing line, the location of which is controlled by the Slider/Wipe slider.  The onscreen controls can move the split point in hosts which support direct Heads Up Display manipulation.
  • Compare With Below: The left side of the result is made transparent while the right side displays the affected result, thus allowing comparison with any lower layers in the timeline.
  • Compare With Layer: (Not supported in all hosts) The left side of the result displays the contents of an alternate layer picker while the right side displays the affected result, thus allowing comparison with arbitrary layers in the timeline.


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