DigitalFilms, Oliver Peters: BCC 10 Review
08 December 2016

Boris Continuum Complete version 10 includes over 230 effects within 16 different categories, like 3D Objects, Art Looks, Particles, Perspective and more. Each effect comes with numerous presets for a total of over 2,500 presets in all. There are plenty of new tools in BCC10, but the biggest news is that each effect filter integrates mocha planar tracking.

Boris FX's new 'Complete' package, Post Magazine
06 June 2016

Boris FX's new 'Complete' package How the ‘90s start-up put plug-ins on the map and extends post & VFX workflows. (Original post: Post Magazine by Linda Romanello)   Boris FX recently introduced its most significant release to date, Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 10, the first release since the company acquired...

Boris Continuum Complete 10, HDVideoPro
16 March 2016

By Justin Sucara ( Read the original post )   BCC PixelChooser : In the improved PixelChooser, Boris FX has integrated powerful mocha planar tracking and masking tools, which are available in all BCC 10 plug-ins.   Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) is a comprehensive set of over 230 VFX plug-ins...

Boris Continuum Complete 10: A Winner For Every Creative, Creative Cow
08 March 2016

By Walter Biscardi, Creative Cow ( Go to article on Creative Cow. ) I still remember meeting a guy named Boris at the 1995 Apple MacWorld in Boston.  Jeans and a white T-Shirt, he was in the booth all by himself with his brand new product.  Boris FX that ran on the...

Boris FX’s BCC 10 for Avid Media Composer, postPerspective
29 February 2016

By Brady Betzel, postPerspective ( Go to article on postPerspective ) I love plug-ins — Video CoPilot’s Element 3D, Red Giant’s Universe, Neat Video’s Noise Reduction and many more. There are some pros who like to pretend that they are too good for plug-ins or consider the use of plug-ins a...

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