FX - 9.0.0
11 January 2009

Boris FX 9

New Features Guide



Composite Window with Integrated Keyframe Track

Key Features

Support for 16-Bit Color

Boris software now supports 16-bit color image processing; it supports trillions of colors, which results in smoother gradients and more precise color correction.

New User Interface

This version of Boris FX incorporates NLE look and feel for smooth user interaction and transition, automatic data updates, mini Timeline in the Composite window, and popular “Sticky” and “Magnetic” windows.

New BCC Filters with Custom Preset Manager

The original filter effects in Boris FX have been replaced with the more powerful filters from the Boris Continuum Complete package, plus new filters added. The list of new filters includes blurs, particles, glows, distortions, volumetric lighting, film effects, keys and matting, and procedural generators such as snow, rain, and clouds.

New FEC Filters

Several filters from the Final Effects Complete package have been added to Boris FX, including FEC Hair, FEC Drizzle, and FEC Glass, to name a few.

Keyframe Effects Directly in the Composite Window

Now you can generate keyframed effects right within the Composite window, without the need to see the master Timelime. Select an element within the Composite window by clicking on it, and the master keyframes associated with that object appear in the mini Timeline included in the Composite window. Keyframes can be added and directly manipulated right in the mini Timeline.

New Electronic Help System

Boris FX includes a brand new fully searchable electronic Help reference system, so that you can spend more time creating effects and less time figuring out how to do it.

Image Processing

Boris software now works with both 8-bit-per-channel and 16-bit-per-channel media; 16-bit- per-channel mode makes a larger range of colors available. When you work with high- resolution images that use a narrow range of colors, such as gradients for film effects or HDTV output, 16-bit-per-channel mode means that transitions between colors display less banding, and more detail is preserved.


16-bit Image Processing

New User Interface

The Boris user interface has a new look and feel to better match your NLE editor, and includes the following improvements: