Final Effects Complete FxPlug - 5.0.1
03 June 2008

Boris Final Effects Complete™ Version 5

Boris Final Effects Complete™ Version 5.0.1 for FxPlug

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Working in 8 Bit Color Space and Beyond 9

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Important Information for FxPlug Users 10

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Welcome to Boris Final Effects Complete 5.0.1 for FxPlug. FEC FxPlug is a plug-ins package with 109 powerful visual effects filters re-designed for Apple's FxPlug plug-in architecture, providing seamless integration with Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion.

The heart of Final Effects Complete is its ability to generate full-featured two-dimensional and three-dimensional particle animations including ball action, explosions, distortions, jet trails, hair, liquid mercury distortions, spotlights, and color transitions. FEC FxPlug also delivers a complete range of unique auto-animating transitions. Ranging from graceful blur dissolves to radical warps; FEC FxPlug lets you easily create dramatic effects with minimal adjustment.

These Release Notes contain information regarding features, supported hosts, supported operating systems, installation instructions, known limitations, and other important information about the product.

For information about FEC 5 software updates, other Boris products, and additional resources, visit our web site at

FEC 5 Feature Highlights

FEC 5 has many new and improved features, most of which will be familiar to Boris Continuum Complete users.

User Interface