mocha v3.2.1 point release is now available
24 September 2013

mocha AE v3.2.1andmocha Pro v3.2.1software is now available for all registered license owners. This new release provides much improved international character support and significant features and fixes:v3.2.1 includes features and fixes: This release will work with existingmocha Pro v3.xandmocha AE 3.xlicenses. Release is not supported without a valid, paidmocha v3.xlicense. **Please Note: Customers running the Adobe AE bundled mocha AE CS6 or mocha AE CC should not upgrade. mocha AE CC is only updated through the Adobe Creative Cloud.** If you are running the Adobe bundledmocha AE CC,please be sure to read our FAQ for Adobe Creative Cloud users. downloads and release notes  compare products chart  upgrade guide

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