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mocha Pro - Carousel - New mocha Pro 5
28 June 2016

New! mocha Pro 5 Now Available as a Plug-in! 

mocha Pro - What's New - Plug-in Option
27 June 2016

PLUG-IN OPTION New plug-in option introduces fast & efficient workflow using host's media engine. Launch mocha Pro as a plug-in from within your favorite editing and effects hosts. The plug-in workflow uses the host’s media engine and project format, reducing the need for transcoding or external file management. Now supporting Avid...

mocha Pro - Specs
24 June 2016

Product Version: mocha Pro 5 Software Requirement: Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher on Intel  Windows: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, on x64. Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, CentOS 5 or a compatible Linux distribution on x86_64. Hardware: Recommended Hardware Processor: Intel...

mocha Pro - What's New - Insert Module
24 June 2016

INSERT MODULE Render accurate match moves and screen inserts with motion blur or mesh warp distortion. mocha Pro 5′s Insert Module allows you to render an image onto your tracked surface within mocha Pro or back to your host timeline with the new plug-in option. Composite with realistic motion blur or...

mocha Pro - What's New - Stabilize Module
24 June 2016

STABILIZE MODULE Smooth camera jitter and lock down shots. The stabilize module can lock down camera motion or stabilize moving objects for visual effects and finishing work. A smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high frequency jitters while maintaining original camera motion. Center, scale or crop stabilized footage based...

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