Graffiti - What's New - Text on a User Definable Path in 3D Space
10 May 2016

TEXT ON A USER DEFINABLE PATH IN 3D SPACEText can be animated along a user-generated vector path in Graffiti. Options include the ability to set the angle of the letters along the path, the position of the letters on the path, and the justification of the text along the path....

Graffiti - What's New - True 3D Text With 3D Lighting, Reflection, And Bump Maps
10 May 2016

TRUE 3D TEXT WITH 3D LIGHTING, REFLECTION, AND BUMP MAPS Any 2D text object can be extruded and converted into a 3D object in Graffiti. Reflect the background track onto the 3D text that is above it, add a separate texture track to the text, or use bump mapping for...

Graffiti - What's New - Automated Rolls, Crawls, Fades, Zooms
10 May 2016

AUTOMATED ROLLS, CRAWLS, FADES, ZOOMS The Title Container in Graffiti automates the chore of creating rolls, crawls, faces, zooms, and shuffles. With unlimited pages of text per container, built-in DVE controls, a background generator, 27 composite mixable modes with built-in color correction tools, and of course motion blur, creating titles...

Graffiti - What's New - Resolution Independent Vector Text
10 May 2016

RESOLUTION INDEPENDENT VECTOR TEXT Text created in Graffiti using the vector text option remains razor sharp at any scale. This becomes important when dealing with titles that change size at different points along the timeline – for instance when letters appear to pop on or off the screen from behind...

Graffiti - What's New - EPS Import and Extrusion
10 May 2016

EPS IMPORT AND EXTRUSION Scalable vector art can now be imported directly into Graffiti. Users can add, delete, or modify the original spline points right within the Graffiti interface and the result can be extruded and animated in 3D space. The advantage to working with scalable vector art is that...

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