mocha AE (mocha for After Effects)
30 May 2014

Q: What is mocha AE? A: mocha AE is a bundled tracking and roto application that has been licensed to Adobe since 2008, starting with CS4. mocha AE CC is now bundled with Adobe After Effects CC 2015. mocha AE is not a plug-in. It is launched from with-in After...

Academic and Educational Discounts
23 May 2014

Q. I am a student (faculty or educator). Do you offer discounts?A. Yes, Imagineer loves to support qualifying students and educational sites with significant discounts non-commercial licenses ofmocha Pro. If you do not qualify or simply wish to evaluatemocha Pro, pleasedownload the 15 day trial version.   Note:To qualify for...

Support & Maintenance Contracts
23 May 2014

Q. Can you tell me about your support & maintenance contracts? A. Imagineer offers the option to purchase yearly support & maintenance contracts for mocha Pro. This is ideal for customers that wish to insure they are always running the latest version or need guaranteed response time for customer support...

mocha Pro
10 January 2014

Q.What is new in mocha Pro version 5? A. New features are listed below: Plug-in Option: mocha Pro canrun as plug-in, using host media engine (Adobe, Avid, OFX) OpenCL GPU accelerated Planar Tracking Improved project format = Faster Save & Load Improved license system (allows users to activate & deactivate...

Licensing questions
10 January 2014

Q. How many computers can I install alicense on? A.mocha Pro 5 now has an improved license system allowing users to activate or deactivate their software license while connected to the internet. This allows a user to install the software on multiple systems, then "activate" themocha Pro 5 license on...

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