FCP7 Crash in OSX 10.8
26 May 2015

Subject: BCC Shaders crash FCP7 upon launch in OSX 10.8.3.

Issue:      After installing BCC version 7 or 8, FCP will crash on launch citing Boris Shaders as the cause.

Cause:    Shaders calls upon a portion of Mac OSX that no longer is supported in 10.8. This is due to the fact that FCP 7 is being considered a legacy product.

Steps to work around the issue:

1. Open Macintosh HD :: Library :: Plug-Ins :: FxPlug



2. Select “Boris Continuum Shaders.fxplug”


3. Delete “Boris Continuum Shaders.fxplug”


4. Reopen FCP 7.

*Note: BCS Filters will no longer function nor will they appear in the effects list

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