Continuum Units - Particles

2D Particles
11 May 2016

The BCC 2D Particles filter breaks the source image into particles and disperses them in 2D space. This filter also provides a variety of explosion, velocity, and gravity controls to adjust the particles movement. You can also control the size, shape, density, and opacity of the particles, and create custom...

11 May 2016

The BCC Comet filter creates an auto-animated comet that streaks across the screen. The comet is compromised of particles whose sizes, shapes, and colors can be adjusted. You can also set the length and speed of the effect, adjust the camera perspective, position the starting and ending points of the...

Organic Strands
11 May 2016

The BCC Organic Strands filter is a particle based effect used to generate 3D strands with interesting looks and convenient animation options. To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls, please click here.    

Particle Array 3D
11 May 2016

The BCC Particle Array 3D filter is a particle based generator style filter. Particle Array 3D generates a 3D array of particles and offers several interesting ways of manipulating the array based on: Graph controls Alternate AE layers Fractal noise patterns Random dispersion The filter supports AE lights and camera...

Particle Emitter 3D
11 May 2016

The BCC Particle Emitter 3D filter enables the generation of particle stream effects, and can be used to create a large variety of natural occurring effects such as: Smoke Fog Clouds Dust Fireworks Swarming bees Users of Adobe After Effects can take advantage of the filters built-in support for AE...

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