Continuum Units - Key and Blend

Alpha Process
11 May 2016

The BCC Alpha Process filter blurs the alpha channel of an image, performs levels and gamma correction on the output of the blur, and composites the output alpha with the initial alpha using the chosen apply mode. The filter also allows you to soften the matte by blurring the alpha channel after it...

Boost Blend
11 May 2016

The BCC Boost Blend filter is a compositing filter that blends two independent layers in a composition and adjusts contrast in the blended pixels. Unlike most transfer modes, Boost Blend adjusts the mix only where the source and blend layers are different. Boost Blend is especially useful when you composite...

Chroma Key
11 May 2016

The BCC Chroma Key filter is used for compositing camera footage shot using a blue, green, or red screen as a backdrop over a new background video or a still image from a separate file.   To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of the various controls,...

Chroma Key Studio
11 May 2016

The BCC Chroma Key Studio filter is an all-in-one keying suite. It combines screen enhancement, auto-garbage matte and masking. Additionally, useres are able to take advantage of advanced features in one filter: chroma key matte cleanup matte choker foreground color correction light wrap To learn more about this filter, and...

11 May 2016

The BCC Composite filter offers a wide variety of options for compositing one layer over another. The built in PixelChooser, with integrated mocha planar tracking allows for greater control over which areas of the image the filter should affect. To learn more about this filter, and see a breakdown of...

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