Save 50% on BCC Image Restoration

June 4, 2013

Boris Continuum Image Restoration Image, Flicker Fixer

Be a hero next time you have to work with imperfect footage.

The BCC Image Restoration Unit has got you covered. This powerful filter set includes:

  • BCC Smooth Tone – Even out skin blemishes or subpar make-up applications, while preserving sharpness and full image detail.
  • BCC Flicker Fixer , BCC Pixel Fixer , and BCC DV Fixer – Correct flicker and auto-iris issues, remove damaged pixels or dust, and eliminate jaggies and compression artifacts from DV footage.
  • BCC Motion Key – Remove moving objects from static shots. The ultimate in “clean plate” generating tools.
  • BCC UpRez – Maintain image integrity whether you’re scaling from SD to HD, HD to 2K, or even 2K to 4K.
  • BCC Noise Reduction – Smoothes out noise from camera images without losing detail.
  • BCC Wire Remover – Helps get rid of rigging and staging wires from set.

For a limited-time only, buy Boris Continuum Image Restoration Unit for $149.50! ( Regularly priced $299 .)

Want to see it in action?
Watch Boris TV Episode 158: Remove Flicker and Fix Auto-Iris Camera Issues.


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