mocha AE (mocha for After Effects)

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Q: What is mocha AE? A: mocha AE is a bundled tracking and roto application that has been licensed to Adobe since 2008, starting with CS4.
  • mocha AE CC is now bundled with Adobe After Effects CC 2015. mocha AE is not a plug-in. It is launched from with-in After Effects: Select a layer and go to: Animation>track in mocha AE

Q: What is the difference between the new mocha Pro5 and the mocha AE CC that ships with Creative Cloud? A: There are many significant features not found in the Adobe bundled mocha AE CC:
  • Plug-in option, uses the host media engine
  • Advanced Modules: Lens, Insert, Remove, 3D Solve, Stabilize
  • GPU accelerated tracking
  • Export data to industry standard systems
For a full list, please view the product comparison chart.
Q. Why do you sell mocha, when it is bundled with After Effects? Why should I upgrade? A. While mocha AE CC is an excellent product, there are many users that want more advanced features and support for many more hosts. We now have a simplified product lineup withmocha Pro 5 our flagship product. We highly encourage new users to start with the Adobe bundled mocha AE CC, if you are happy and want to learn more, download a free 14 day trial of mocha Pro.


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